KALKHEDON LTD offers a wide range of services for builders, engineers, design engineers, and all who work in monolithic construction. Our company is a manufacturer and has huge experience, we can easily solve all your issues. Kalkhedon main product – is a parallel-threaded  mechanical splicing system designed for rebar connection in construction concrete. Reinforcing bars from O 12 to D57 mm(ASTM #4 to #18). Designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, DIN 1045, A?CI 318, IBC, AASHTO, ASME Sec III Div 2. Kalkhedon Products offers customers’ a broad range of engineered mechanical splice systems for the benefit of the reinforced concrete construction industry. By means of market leadership, sales expertise and worldwide distribution, we consistently offer customer-focused solutions that provide the highest quality results and cost-effective installations. Kalkhedon anchor bar replacements have the advantage of permitting continuity of reinforcement across construction joints without formwork penetration. Because flanged couplers are typically fully embedded in concrete, their use eliminates projecting bars, thereby relieving constructability problems and potential worker injuries. Kalkhedon technologies have a lot of real construction pluses:

  • Fast order processing

Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong. We accept requests and orders in Asia and around the world.

  • Easy to use

Any builders can quickly learn how to work with our sleeves and how simple and reliable reinforce equipment is..

  • Speed & productivity growth

Mechanical coupling reinforcement guarantee real growth of the speed performance of all construction works.

  • Rebar Connection Threadcutting Machines

High performance roll thread machines could protect the highest tensile strength of rebar metal.

  • All bars’ couplers sizes

We produce and offer to our customers for coupling reinforcement connection any bar-diameters: from 8 to 57 mm

  • Perfect technology system

The most advanced technological system guarantees quality and safety for projects of any level.

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KALKHEDON company offers a wide range of concrete reinforcing bar-products services for builders, engineers, design engineers, and all who work in the field of monolithic construction.