Bars Engineering Solutions

Kalkhedon’s technologies provide increased speed of all construction works. Easy connection by bar rotation until full thread engagement. Even when both bars cannot be turned, the Kalkhedon system uses a standard reinforcement coupler (exactly the same as used for stadart couplers ):

This assembly method is similar to standard rebar couplers, with the addition of a lock-nut to maintain the second bar in position.

Bridging splice
When the bars cannot be brought butt to butt (as it may happen in cages manufacturing), couplers bridging splices are the answer. Both bars are threaded with a standard Kalkhedon® thread, and a “Bridging Assembly Set” is used to connect them.

Transition splice
When there is a need to splice bars of different sizes, it is allowable in most cases to reduce the size of the larger bar and to use a standard coupler. However the coupling system also proposes special transition couplers that conveniently avoid the difficult task of planning in advance the need of transitions.

End anchors
A convenient alternative to hooked bars to provide end anchorages in congested areas. Kalkhedon standard anchorage heads are circular and have a net bearing area of 4 times or 9 times the cross-section of the bar, but can also be made to order in other shapes or dimensions to fit the application requirement.

Weldable couplers
For composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel, use Kalkhedon weldable couplers, which are specially made from low carbon steel and which have a large chamfer for bevel welding.

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